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Prayer initiative 24/7 in Schoenstatt

With Mary – “online to God”

Schoenstatt without prayer is like a tree without roots.

As an apostolic family we depend on prayer. In the shrine of grace of the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt we find Jesus, her Son. We consider it a joy and honour to adore Jesus in the Eucharist together with Mary.

Since we have Jesus Christ really and truly with us, Eucharistic Adoration is particularly important to us. Ultimately he is the one who does everything, he is the Shepherd who leads us today, he is the Life we long for, he is the strength we need in everyday life, he is the one who gives us vocations, he is the one who wants to work through us ... He gives us his grace through Mary’s hands.

The open tabernacle means: There is always someone there who prays on behalf of everyone.

The team:

In April 2019 our team took the initiative: Renate Sladkovic, Doris und Gerd Freisberg, Thomas Reuter, Markus M. Amrein, Sr. Cordula-Maria Leidig, Sr. M. Joséfa Klein.

Unsere Vision:

To foster Eucharistic Adoration round the clock throughout the year (24/7) with the Blessed Mother in or close to the Original Shrine, the God-given place of grace which unites so many people and communities.

How can this happen?

If sufficient people are prepared to take over one or more hours of Adoration each week. At present many are prepared to do so. Eucharistic Adoration takes place in the Original Shrine from 12-6p.m (local time) every day. We can build on this: with more people prepared to pray regularly, others who can join in at short notice, and some who see to the organization.

Simply contact us.

Contact for 24/7

If you would like to join in 24/7 you can get information and contact for the team: Renate Sladkovic (Tel: 0152 02965911) or Doris Freisberg (Tel: 02622 81782).


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